Three different police interceptor units are featured in The crew. Each kind of police unit is well suited to a different situation and will be called in under certain circumstances.

Police Units Edit

Ford Crown Victoria Edit

The most basic unit, the Crown Victoria is dispatched when pursuing a Stock or Street spec vehicle. They will also be dispatched against Dirt and Raid spec vehicles in any given city and is also the only vehicle used in roadblocks.

Ford F150 SVT Raptor Edit

The F150 SVT Raptor is called in when pursuing Dirt and Raid spec vehicles on the countryside. It is replaced by CVPIs while in cities.

Dodge Charger SRT (2012) Edit

Slightly faster and tougher than the Crown Victoria, the Dodge Charger SRT (2012) is called in when pursuing Performance spec vehicles.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Edit

The fastest ground-based police unit, the Corvette ZR1 is dispatched when pursuing Circuit spec vehicles.

Police Helicopter Edit

An airborne unit that is able to keep the pace with even the fastest vehicles. The helicopter is deployed once a player's wanted level reaches four stars and above.

Heat Level Edit

The wanted level of a player vehicle. At the top of a player's HUD is a police radar that will display Police Watch when cops are in the general area. If the player smashes objects or other vehicles when under police watch, units will begin to gain suspicion, filling up a bar that will continue to rise as more damage is dealt. Once the bar fills completely, or if the player rams a police vehicle, the player will receive the first of five stars and the police will give chase.

Once in pursuit, police units will attempt to get close to the player and use a range of vehicle tactics to bring the player to a stop. These include PIT maneuvers, rolling roadblocks and pushing the player his/her vehicle of the road. Once contained, an arrest meter will begin to fill; if completely filled, the player is arrested and an amount of cash is removed from the player's possession.

As a pursuit continues, the player's star rating gradually increases as more damage is made to local property, making the police resort to more brutal tactics.

Stars Action
  • 1-2 police units
  • 7 seconds to lose wanted level
  • 1-3 police units
  • Aggression increased
  • 14 seconds to lose wanted level
  • 1-4 police units
  • Roadblocks begin to appear
  • 21 seconds to lose wanted level
  • 1-5 police units
  • Roadblocks
  • Police Helicopter will be dispatched
  • 28 seconds to lose wanted level
  • 1-5 police units
  • Roadblocks
  • Police Helicopter
  • 35 seconds to lose wanted level