A guide for editors. Here at Ubisoft's The crew wiki, we are aware that there must be ground rules set that all users all abide by. However, don't feel that you must memorize the entire guide; after all, we at The Crew wiki aim to be understanding of basic user needs to establish not just a solid wiki, but a good community as well.

If you have any questions or issues with this guide, please see our founder Phendranaguardian .


  • All users are allowed to edit articles relating to game content, however all infoboxes, external userpages, template pages, and wiki information pages are all off limits.


  • Editors must have at least basic English writing skills, no other language is acceptable (exception being your user page).
  • Articles must be in third person and in North American English seeing as this is a North American game.

Article PagesEdit

  • All primary vehicle pages are to start with a slider showcasing the vehicle in it's 1-6 body types. Additional related images are to be placed in the "Gallery" section.
  • All media must be relevant to the page in question. 
  • Questionable or rumored content is to be placed in Article comment sections or in hidden quotations. However, this content is acceptable if confirmed by a reliable source.
  • Information on game Hacks, Glitches, or Game Flaws are not permitted.
  • Testing of tables, templates, etc are to be on sandboxes, not article pages.
  • Do not create duplicates of articles, nor unrelated articles.
  • Trivial information must be written into a "Trivia" headline in a bullet-point format.
  • Images are to be placed into a "Gallery" headline situated after the Trivia section.

Talk PagesEdit

  • Every edit on a talk page must be signed with a signature using four "~"
  • Article talk pages are not for unrelated discussions.


  • Images are to only be placed onto pages which they relate to.
  • Images must be at least 300x300 pixels in size
  • PNGs are to be of a square format no larger than 64x64 pixels.
  • Large images must be JPEGs
  • Icons must be PNGs
  • Images not used on any pages are to be deleted
  • Images are not permitted if they contain the following:
    • Crude or offensive content
    • Content not related to The Crew [userpage exception]
    • Images with a watermark
    • Images of poor quality or resolution
    • Fanart or artwork not belonging to the user who posted it.


  • All uploaded content must have a name related to what it showcases. There are no specific guidelines so long as it matches the content in a clear manner and does not conflict with the names of older files.
  • Images for user pages do not need to follow this policy so long as the name isn't crude or offensive.