Where there are rules, there are consequences; even we here at The Crew Wiki understand this. If you have been blocked (banned) from the wiki, you can find out why on your contributions page where you will find your ban report. If you have an issue to why you were banned, you can discuss this further on Phendranaguardian's wikia central account.

Each of the following reasons for being banned are accompanied with the ban duration that a member will receive. Note that unregistered users who commit an offense will receive a ban duration one level higher than that of a regular user's.

Offense Ban Duration (user)

Ban Duration

(No account)

Inserting poor English,images,etc 2 warnings, 1 day 3 days
Inserting spam or gibberish 3 days 1 week
Removing good edits 1 warning, 1 week 3 weeks
Minimal vandalism 1 week 3 weeks
Links to unrelated articles or hacks 1 week 3 weeks
Altering non-article pages 3 weeks 1 month
General Vandalism 1 month 1 year
Hate speech, Vulgar language, Racism, etc 1 year 10 years
Repeated offense (minor offense) 1 month 1 year
Repeated offense (medium offense) 1 year 10 years
Repeated offense (large offense) 10 years indefinately